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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

5:04PM - Some Useful Tips on Writing a Great CV

In the earlier time, people would not give much attention on CV writing. But the change in time and more job competition has made people give more importance on CV writing. Nowadays, there are a number of people who apply for the same job and it is always a well-written CV that stands you out in the crowd of other candidates.

Following are some useful CV writing tips that will help you get your desired job:

Prior to writing a CV, it is important for you to gather all your important personal information like employment history, educational records or records of additional certificates. Having gathered all of the above mentioned information, it is now time for you to choose a CV pattern or format that will be most suitable for your application.

Now that you have selected a template for your CV, you can write your CV. However, it is important for you to plan a detailed outline before start writing your CV. This will include your career objective and you reasons for a particular job. Keeping in mind these points, you should now start writing your CV.

It is always better to write your CV in bullets instead of long and tedious paragraphs.

CV templates are the best source to write your CV. It gives you the right format for the content of your CV and also adds a personal touch in your application. They can be particularly beneficial for novice writers.

Having done with the writing, it is now time for you to edit your CV in an accurate way. Any minute mistake in your CV like grammatical, spelling or even a punctuation mistake may result in the rejection of your CV. Therefore, always proofread your assignment multiple times before submitting your application.

It is always beneficial to get your CV read by someone expert to pinpoint mistakes in your CV. This will help you to ascertain any minute error that may seem smaller to you but probably show you in a negative light in the eyes of an employer.

Your resume serves as a first impression of your personality and this is important for you to be very particular about your personal details. Besides, it is important for you to make it free of any grammatical or spelling mistakes to make it more presentable.

With the above mentioned tips, you can really make sure to make your CV make an impact and get you the desired job

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Research proposal is a pre-requisite before writing the research paper. Ask any college student and he will tell you that writing a proposal is more challenging than writing the actual research paper. Knowing the some helpful tips, however, can help students accomplish this task easily and effectively. In this article I will give you tips on ‘how to write different parts of a research proposal’. Here is how:

• Title

Create an eye-catching title. Make sure to create something that is unique and at the same time give basic information about your topic. Keep it short and concise.

• Abstract

Start your research paper by writing an abstract. It should summarize your whole research work into no more than 300 words. Here you will state your research question(s), discuss your objectives behind your study of the subject, mention your research methods and predict your findings.

• Introduction

Write introduction of your research paper. In this section, you will state purpose of your study, introduce the major issues and propose prospective solutions, identify any variable(s) and show parameters of your study.

• Literature Review

In the literature review, you will critically analyze all the sources you have used for your research. Here you will give knowledge on the existing literature as well as locate the current study within the purview of available literature. It suggests what further research must be needed to accomplish certain research goals.

• Methodology

In this section, you will demonstrate ways to achieve your research goals. Here you will give account of data collection tools that helped you in researching and analyzing the data.

• Results

Lastly, you have to predict your result of your experiment. Here you will only give an idea of the prospective results of your findings and the methods you will use to draw your results.

• Conclusions

Anticipate the possible implications of your findings. You have to show the readers what your research will benefit for people and reveal flaws in your research if any.


• Get familiarized with each part of the research paper and learn how to write them in the most accurate way.

• Be confident about your results when writing the proposal. This will show that you have conducted thorough research on your subject and will convince the readers about the viability of your project.

• Always edit your proposal before presenting it to the committee. Having grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors in your work will significantly affect quality of your work and reduce chances for getting the approval.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

2:10PM - Top 6 Steps To Write An Assignment

Assignment writing is a mandatory task for all the students relating to any level of education. But not all students have the knowledge and skills to write a successful assignment within the give deadline. Ultimately, it causes many students to fail in their exams. Therefore, it is essential for students to learn the techniques for writing good assignments. Though, there are lots of assignment writing articles available online, but not all provide the right tips for assignment writing.

I have been writing articles on assignment writing and have concluded that there are some important steps that every students should remember when writing an assignment. In this article, I will discuss these important steps and will tell you how to accomplish them for writing a winning assignment. They are as follows:

1. Carry Out Comprehensive Research: Conduct a thorough research before writing on your assignment so that you have all the pertinent information available to write in your assignment. Remember to make notes of sources of information while performing the research in order to use them when needed.

2. Check Your Materials: Now, you need to look through your materials and sift out relevant information from them. Compile notes of important information to use them in writing process.

3. Divide Your Writing: Divide your writing task into small and simple drafts to avoid missing any important information. This will also help you revise your work effectively. Avoid using jargons or abbreviations in your writing.

4. Revise: While revising your assignment, make sure that you have organized all the paragraphs in a proper way. This will help the readers interpret your ideas clearly and understand what you want to tell your readers.

5. Edit Your Work: After you have completed your assignment, the next step is to edit your work and make it free from all types of mistakes.

6. Ask a Friend For Suggestions: Once you have finalized writing your assignment, you can ask a friend or colleague to review your work and give suggestions if any.

Though, if you follow the above mentioned tips effectively, you can surely write a good assignment. But if you still think that you do not have the skills to complete this important task, you can hire a professional assignment writing services that can provide you all the solutions for your assignment writing needs.

Hopefully, this article answers all the questions that you have regarding assignment writing.

12:51PM - The Secrets of Effective Writing Never Revealed Before!

Writing skills are essential for every person no matter if s/he is a student, scholar or a professional. However, it can be a bit challenging to learn these skills, particularly when they are not trained at an early age. But if you spend some quality time learning these skills, you could become a better writer. So, in case you are wondering on how to improve writing skills, read on this article.

There are many basic techniques and skills necessary for good writing. They are:

• Grammar
• Syntax
• Vocabulary
• Style

Grammar is focused on the right order and rules of a language, including the words and syntax for making a sentence that conveys the right idea.

Vocabulary plays an important tool in writing. We need good vocabulary to express our thoughts and feelings effectively. The vocabulary of a person develops with the time as he progresses in a language.

The style defines a person’s unique writing tone, and is a good tool to convey the desired idea in the most effective way.

Importance Of Good Writing Skills
The skills to communicate ideas effectively can help you achieve many personal, educational and professional goals in more than one way. For example, if you are a college student and need to write a dissertation to earn your master’s degree, then you capitalize on your writing skills in order to produce a compelling dissertation. Or you can write an attractive proposal if you are a business professional. It helps you express your ideas in the right words that might seem indefinable. This also helps you interpret your ideas and convey them effectively to others in eloquent and coherent way. It is always easier to visualize and understand complicated ideas when written. This is why strong writing skills are crucial for better communication.

How to Improve Writing Skills
You can enhance your writing skills with some effective techniques. Like you can practice from some good writing exercise books and improve your writing power. Daily reading can also help you master good writing skills and train you for a specific style and tone of writing.

Always Edit
And last but not the least; it is also important that you improve your proofreading expertise.
Find someone who have excellent proofreading skills and get him/her to check your previous works. Ask him/her to explain your errors and check how you can revise them. By practicing to proofread your work, learn your, you will have an idea of identifying errors in your work and proofread correct them.

An Important Tip
A piece of advice is to be brief and concise when writing on something. Having too many words only clutter your writing and confuse the readers.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

2:33PM - Give Me Three Minutes and I’ll Give You Secrets of Crafting Winning College Essays

Crafting a college essay is quite a frustrating part of college application. It can be really stressful sometimes when you don’t know what to write in it and how to impress the admission board. However, to pull off this hectic task in an efficient manner you first need to get yourself calm and suppress your frustration.

It is also important to understand that you are not crafting a piece-of-paper but sharing a huge part of your life with someone who is interested to know. By sharing your experience, inspiration and aspiration, you let the audience know who you are, how do you fit in their academia and where do you see yourself in future.

Remember that it is an important time where you must avoid slacking-off and get your head into it.

There is one more option i.e to hire a professional writing services such as essayhelpers.co.uk and few others.They can assist you in any academic paper.

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